Isabelle Grace, a family-first woman of substance, inspired teacher, and TALENTED new voice in contemporary romance!


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Where is your HEART?

Now it’s on to Isabelle Grace, a most gracious lady and one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve encountered. True love? You bet.

Caring is at the core of this woman who takes whatever she attempts to heart, right along with those individuals blessed to become part of her circle. That’s why she takes such care in crafting tales for readers. She knows what feels are like and wants YOU to experience them in full with every flip of the page. But let’s begin at the beginning for those who’d like to know if they should follow the teacher.

What moves you to write and what do you write, Isabelle? (Fiction? Poetry? Screenplays?) Students of life and love want to know.

Can you feel me???

I’m motivated to write by many things – words from a song, a scene from a movie, a catchphrase, something I’ve read or seen. Although I have written a few articles years ago for our local paper, now and since college, I’ve concentrated on contemporary romance.

I hear you, Isabelle. Focus is critical and something I struggle with too often as you know. So tell this reformed panster what you prefer. Are you a panster or a plotter? (What does method bring to your stories?)

I am primarily a pantser.  I do a little character background plotting and have a basic idea in my head when I start, but I don’t outline. I just write and let the characters guide the story. Impatience is the main reason for being a pantser. I like to get in and get started. As to what it brings to my stories – I’ve had some interesting turn of events crop up either in the rough draft or during edits. I hope they enhance the story. (Sounds a lot like life. The guy you never thought you’d fall for leaves you jumping off love’s cliff with a sloppy grin you never suspected was in you!)

What’s your favorite movie/music? You’ve admitted to finding inspiration in varied places, Isabelle, so what is it that moves you?

What’s say we revisit this movie as PRETTY MAN???? Or, PRETTY AWESOME. Or…MAKE MINE A GERE!!!

My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. (YESSSSS!) On a more contemporary note, it’s Pretty Woman – the ultimate Cinderella story in my opinion. I saw it in the theaters eleven times, pre-ordered the video, and wore it out! (Now that’s FOCUS!) As for music, I listen to a variety of music – mostly soft rock, country, classic 80’s, top 40. In high school, one of my favorite songs was Barry Manilow’s Weekend in New England. So romantic. (Viva la Barry!!!)

What’s on the horizon, Isabelle? Books? Projects? Whatever? (We’re nosy here. LoL!!)

I have a 4-book collection I want to publish – The Blackwood Brothers Series. Each brother has his own book. A veterinarian, a best-selling author, a widowed farmer, and a construction worker, Drew, Jack, Reese, and Holden Blackwood are each paired with a strong, independent woman who ultimately make their lives complete. As I wrote the series, I fell in love with each brother and wanted to be the heroine lucky enough to become a part of their life. I am hoping readers will feel the same. (You’ve got something there with brothers, Isabelle, seriously. Rugged, able, and needing just the “right” match. What’s not to love??)

What writer’s organizations if any have helped you achieve successes in your writing life? (Not a shameless plug, but a serious question, people. You know me.)

Sassy Scribes for sure. I have been a member of other more official groups, but the Sassy Scribes have offered more support, inspiration, motivation, insight, and knowledge than anything else on the writing front I’ve been affiliated with. (Okay, shamelessly true and I agree 100%. Readers can expect to hear more from SASSY SCRIBES in future as we plan to take personal empowerment and the power of the pen on the proverbial road. Fair warning. It’s gonna be bumpy but never boring!)

Now, just for fun, an absolute must during Covid-19 crazies and frankly anytime. What’s your favorite animal, Isabelle? Do you have one???

Bella is SO ready for her closeup. I hope we’ll see more of this little jewel on Isabelle’s Blog!!!

I like dogs and horses and have had both.  Currently, though, I have Bella, a Pomeranian rescue.

What would you do if you won the lotto?

Pay off my bills and help out my family and friends. I’d also give money to a few charities, and establish a foundation to provide scholarships and grants primarily for education. And, of course, the Sassy Scribes could become their own publishing group. (SEE WHY I LOVE THIS WOMAN??)

Okay. Time to channel Miss Universe, Isabelle. Would you strive for world peace? Why or why not?

I would like for all people to live in harmony. Yes, we’ll have differences in looks, opinions, ethnicities, genders, belief, and everything else under the sun, but we won’t feel threatened by it. We can be accepting and get along peaceably. We can appreciate the diversities and celebrate accomplishments. The world could be where kindness, unity, love, understanding, and grace could prevail.

What’s your view on character flaws for heroes/heroines?

I think they’re wonderful and realistic. Makes the books more interesting and the characters more human! Sure, we’d all like to find the gorgeous male with rock hard abs, a killer smile, and bedroom eyes who is just perfect, but in real life, that’s next to impossible, right? Let’s create heroes and heroines that are like the rest of us in the world!! We’re lovable, too!

What’s your QUESTION??? (We LOVE you, Alex!)

What would YOU like to tell readers about yourself? Think Jeopardy and give me the answer and the question.

I have lived in the same county in WV all my life. From middle school through college, I worked on my uncle’s dairy farm where I learned a lot about things I now realize some folks won’t ever have the opportunity to experience firsthand. For that, I feel very lucky.

Personally, I am blessed with a wonderful family and awesome friends. Though I have no biological children of my own, I have a spectacular nephew who is like a son to me. He is my heart as well as my pride and joy. I have two beautiful nieces, two bonus great-nieces, a goddaughter, and one great niece or nephew on the way. And thanks to my sister by heart, I am also fortunate to be an honorary aunt to her granddaughters.


I teach at the same high school from which I graduated. I’ve been there for many years, first as a special education teacher and not as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (formerly Home Economics). I teach Parenting, Foods and Nutrition, and Personal Finance. Though education has changed dramatically since I began teaching, especially in the last six months, I am honored to have the opportunity to educate our youth with skills that will be useful to them all their lives.

Plus, I’m blessed to see the potential in our teenage population and hopefully, in some small way, to help cultivate it.

WOW. Just wow. It’s the story behind the romantic lines that makes them resonate. Yes, you’re blessed, Isabelle, but so are we. Thank you for sharing yourself with me, with the SASSY SCRIBES, and now you’re reading public.

I’m anticipating great things.

Isabelle Grace – dedicated to teaching critical life skills. At school, at home, and ON THE PAGE!!

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She would LOVE to hear from you. Me, too. So, in another shameless plug you’ve come to expect, PLEASE follow us on whatever platform suits you.

Voices matter and we want to hear yours!





Cover Reveals New Release

Worst Mistake or Best Thing Since Adam woke up to Eve??


You tell me, dear readers.

I’ve received the proper blessing of one and all in this attempt to remain sane — not quite penning psalms but that’s okay!

I’ve been hunkered all summer penning Christmas romance. FUN much?? YESSSSSSSS! Covid has brought about a shift in yours truly. And getting my humor on has taken the forefront.

About time!

I hope you’ll enjoy the laughs and the ticklish situations that have provided me with the escape needed to exercise ‘true charity’ at home. Where it counts the most.

So here we go:

Career climber, Victoria “Tori” Barkley lied about being married to keep promotions coming and offers best refused off the table. A girl’s gotta eat and eat well. But when her mistletoe mistake—a Finnish meat bus with a full beard and hair to spare—presented himself as Santa Claus with a tempting sprig, instinct said, “YES!” And with all the passion she’d pent up far too long.

Sorry, Santa. We’re trending a wee bit younger for this part. But you’ve got the twinkle in your eyes down cold!

Must be why she got pregnant!

But when Edvin Arn Auliksen, shunning career crazies and gobs of cash inherited by a family whose lifestyle he hates, discovers he’s a father, the high-mountain hermit swaps snowy peaks for New York City. Victoria won’t get away with her lies. Or her attempt to have a fake “husband” show up at a corporate Christmas party where he’ll be paid to make a scene and quietly agree to a divorce. Edvin will play that part but with a different end in mind.

The question now is if Victoria will recognize her baby’s father. Tall as ever. Clean shaven. Mountaineer skills and rippling muscles wrapped in Armani instead of red velvet. The meat bus is on a roll. And he’s not stopping until he secures a very Merry Christmas. For his baby girl and Victoria, the only woman he ever thought of marrying. If she’ll let him.

Available now on #AMAZON


#reunionromance #secretbaby #Christmas #forcedproximity #fakerelationship #contemporaryromance #steamycleanromance #sweetromance #romanticcomedy #secondchanceromance

Write on, my people. Read on. And please, follow my blog and let me know your thoughts. I really *DO* need your encouragement!

New Release

Ye ha! Caracas Cowboy, Wild Horse Bk 2, is riding the range.


A second chance for her sleepy small town or Sarah Jane Minton, Montana’s mouthiest spinster?

Yummy pie only goes so far!

Sarah Jane has a life, a hidden one she can’t help comparing to the romance novels that helped her overcome childhood disappointments. And the adult variety that left her married to a failing pie shop/tavern.

But with a big, bad secret she dare not share in gossip central—small towns are the worst—romance novels are the lesser of two evils. Aren’t they?

Brazilian billionaire, Vidal Herrera, is determined to test that theory when the obligation to clean up the mess he’s created spills over into Sarah Jane’s beloved safe space. Wild Horse, Montana. But can he ignore the tasty, plus-sized pastry who once shut him down? The same savory dish Providence seems determined he should box up and take home even against her will.

Not the cowboy you’re looking for? Look again, beyond the cover!

Find out in Caracas Cowboy, Book 2 of Wild Horse Montana. A small town determined to make its mark!

I am, too, but with all the lovelies that come with writing, advertising, living, etc, it’s a challenge. Whatever your challenges may be, dear reader, I hope you revisit Wild Horse and let me know what you like or don’t like.

I’m writing for YOU!

For myself, too, okay. You get the idea. With a recently empty nest, I’m seeking adoptees. Funny, not funny. Another development that will effect this writer’s bottom line. So if you’re into some serious tending, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to read. That’s kind of how I began this venture. Telling stories out of necessity! (Caracas Cowboy has an inside joke I hope you’ll appreciate. And, no, Caracas is not in Brazil!)

If you missed Rodeo King, Book 1 of Wild Horse Montana, here she blows. An engaging summer read if plot is your candy and hard won happily-ever-afters bring on that satisfying smile. Whatever you do, I pray you’re smiling your way through Covid crazies and getting on with what brings joy!

New Release

Is Overlord real? Or is the billionaire playboy who loved her and left playing her again? Soul of Valor–NOW ON AMAZON!

Covid or not.

All right, people. I’ve been dead–may as well have been. That’s what isolation means to an author under deadline, one with personal issues that I need not rehash. Really. Revisiting lovelies can be a first-class ticket to derailment.

So, without further blather, it’s here.

Soul of Valor (Valor Investigations Book 3) is out on Amazon. Yay! Squee. This action-packed standalone was a joy to write.

LOVE the cover. Seriously. How did I rate this? Wish I could give my cover model a huge in-person hug, but we’re all under lock down. Whatever that means and however long it lasts–goodness knows.

But Nina Benoit, the Belle Chasse sharpshooter with pride to spare, is sure to distract you. She sure does a job on Daire Warren, the billionaire playboy with a secret life he dare not share. Even if he wanted to.

Check it out. Let me know your thoughts, even if you don’t pick up this new book. Although, I wish you would! Caracas Cowboy – Wild Horse Montana Book 2 and Mercy Nation – Diamond Dogs Book 3 are not far out. Cover reveals are on the way.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. And …

Write on!

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Author Interview Author Recommendation

Sit-down with Leanna Sain–Romantic Suspense author of HUSH. A work of love out now!

We’re called to be the salt of
the earth!

I am SO on a roll. When it rains, it absolutely does pour. At least it seems that way, but hey, I’m not complaining. The opportunities to meet/work with new authors keep coming and I have to share. The women and the writing are too good to miss!!

Enter award-winning, multi-published Leanna Sain with a giving heart that understands too well the trial of loss. And the need to pay it forward.

What moves you to write, Leanna, and what do you write (Fiction only? Poetry? Plays?) I write romantic suspense because it’s what I like to read. I dabbled in poetry when I was younger, but now it’s suspense with a touch of romance is my go-to genre. I’m attempting a screen play of Hush, but haven’t gotten very far.

TEAM Pants wins again!

Are you a ‘pants-er’ or a ‘plotter’? And why? (What does method bring to your stories?) I’ve always been a “pant-ser.” I generally have a starting point in my mind and a loose ending point, with a few major points I want to hit along the way. I depend on my characters to step up and take the story where it needs to go. When I submitted Hush to my publisher, I thought it would be a stand-alone book. When they told me I needed to start working on a sequel and that they needed a 4-5 page synopsis of the story, I sort of panicked. I’d never done it that way before. My first try was a flop, but they liked the second version. I’m almost finished with the first draft. I think it was easier to get the bare bones of the story, but I’m finding it’s a little harder to flesh it out doing it this way.

Oh, Wolfgang, you inspirational genius!

What’s your favorite movie/music? Do you find inspiration in film/music for your writing? I love to listen to inspirational Christian music and some classical (Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak.) I have too many favorite movies to name one. I generally go for the rom-coms. I tend to watch DVDs of older TV series (Gilmore Girls, Lost, Friends, Frazier, NCIS…)

Tangles alone are a time sucker!

If you have a craft bag–what’s in it? And/or if you don’t do crafts, what leisure activity or hobby is sitting there waiting for you? (Or are you on top of it all?) I used to do all sorts of crafts: sewing, crocheting, cross-stitch, quilting, spinning wool, tried to learn knitting, but never really got good at it. But I don’t have time for any of that now. All my “spare” time is spent writing.

Do you find family to be a support, a distraction, or an integral element of your writer’s life? My husband is my greatest cheer-leader. He’s also a pretty good editor. (Handy!) He always reads my work and offers suggestions and asks questions about things he doesn’t think really works. I depend on him.

Choices, choices!

Do you prefer city or country living? Does this impact the settings of your stories? “A day in the country is worth a month in town.” This is a saying that I cross-stitched years ago. I have it framed on my wall as I type this. I’m not sure I could write like I do if I lived in town. It doesn’t impact the settings in my stories as much as it affects me. I’m a country girl, through and through. When I have to go to town, I’m counting the seconds until I can get back home to Miracle Hill Farm, the most beautiful place in the western NC mountains.

Tell us about HUSH! Give us the blurb!

She dreams a murder before it happens. A young woman is strangled while her killer sings the words from the lullaby, “Hush, Little Baby.”

Lacey Campbell’s life is full, but not idyllic. As head chef for a chic restaurant and primary caregiver to a mother with Alzheimer’s, she doesn’t have time for the nightmare and at first she tries to deny it. But the next day, she discovers it’s a disturbing reality. When she dreams the second heinous murder she knows it’s time to tell the police.

Detective Ford Jamison is called back to the little coastal town to help with the case and soon notices an alarming trend: the killer is using the lullaby as a “blueprint” to target women who resemble Lacey. This doesn’t slow the killings and now Lacey is afraid to fall asleep at night because the next face she sees in her dream might be her own.

As a hurricane churns ever closer to the little coastal town, danger and suspicion spin out of control. Time is running out. Can they stop the killer before the last verse of the lullaby?

Now that’s one delicious setup, Leanna. I love it when nature coalesces to create conflict. But it’s not just the weather creating the storm in this suspense. What motivated you to write this novel? What would you like readers to take away from the experience of your words?

The idea of having a serial killer use the verses of the lullaby, “Hush, Little Baby” as the blueprint for his killings had already been whirling around in my brain, but I didn’t start writing it until my mother started into the final stages of Alzheimer’s. I was dealing with so many negative emotions from watching this disease kill her that I needed a way to funnel some of it out of me. Writing provided that funnel. I decided to make my main character’s mother have the same disease so she and I could walk this road together. It allowed me to include some of the things Mama said and did in the story. It helped me to have this small element of control when it felt like everything else was out of control. (I’m glad to hear you discovered a means of coping, Leanna. That’s no easy thing. I’m a big proponent of self-empowerment and self-care. We writers, women, and everyone do better for ourselves and our families when we acknowledge our own needs. And do what we can to stay on top of the myriad demands of this journey called life.)

50% of HUSH royalties are pledged to Alzheimer’s Research!

So many people are dealing with a loved one who has this terrible disease. Maybe reading Hush will help them to see how I handled it. I hope so. And since I’m giving half of the royalties I make on this book to Alzheimer’s research, maybe it will provide just what they need to find a cure soon so that others won’t have to go through what my family did. (The world needs more of this, Leanna. Thank you.)

What’s on the horizon for you? Books? Projects? Whatever? I’m working on the sequel to Hush now. The working title is Hoax. Also have thinking about the plot line for the third book of the series, tentatively titled, Harlequin.

What writer’s organizations if any have helped you achieve successes in your writing life? No official organizations. Just two different writer’s groups. I depend on them to give me honest feed-back.  (That last is critical in all aspects of life. I’m glad you’ve found your tribe!)

Thank you, Leanna, for sharing a little of your world with us. Your crafting experience sounds too familiar. As if we’re both a certain “type.” Maybe we writers are more alike than we think. Salt of the earth? Yeah, I’d go there.

Leanna Sain

Leanna Sain, earned her BA from the University of South Carolina before moving back to the NC mountains. She calls Miracle Hill Farm home, but she lives mostly in her imagination. Her Southern suspense or “GRIT-lit,” showcases her plot-driven method that successfully rolls elements of best-selling authors Mary Kay Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, and Jan Karon all together, making it her own. She loves leading discussion groups and book clubs. For more information or to contact her visit:



Website and blog:


Oh, and BUY “HUSH” for only $3.99 at ===> #FREE on #KindleUnlimited

Thanks, guys. I’ll be back soon with more must read authors and inspiring stories. Feel free to follow my humble blog. Comment whenever and however you’d like. I *LOVE* hearing from readers, writers, bloggers–PEOPLE! (I’m fast approaching empty-nest status, so I suspect my need for the latter will be on the rise. Oh, joy!)

Write on!

New Release

Revenge IS sweet: Diamond Dogs Book 2 hits the cyber-shelf. Yippee!


It’s been a long time coming. I’ve worked ALL summer on CRAVING GRACE: Diamond Dogs Book 2 and I’m SO happy I did. I LOVE this latest installment of my action/romance series that promises a world of intrigue, romance, and tough choices faced by women of conscience.

This new release is an answer to prayer. The best KICKBACK to ongoing depression and the endless battle against anxiety that’s tagged me my entire life.

But, hey . . .

Revenge is SWEET. It’s even harder to resist when a woman is armed and licensed to kill.

Take the plunge with blackballed intel analyst Gracie Snow when an FBI OP gone awry offers her the chance to avenge her family, restore her name, and save the nation. But all good things come at a price. The pairing that puts her side-by-side with Army Commando, Jay Sykes, her big brother’s former best friend—the man who derailed her career—is one heavy penance. His undercover kisses are too—but what about hers?

CRAVING GRACE: Diamond Dogs Book 2

From Las Vegas to D.C. to the stormy Scottish Coast, bullets, bombs and assassination attempts DO NOT STOP. But Gracie’s temptation to let her heart start feeling is the biggest threat of all.


Click ==>

Only $3.99 on #AMAZON. FREE with #KindleUnlimited. #newrelease #mustread #suspense #romance #cleanread #Christfic #thriller

Summer in Scotland can pack a surprising punch!

If you’re up for a fun end-of-summer blowout, feel FREE to check out Craving GRACE: Diamond Dogs Book 2. The need for some higher power, something to cling to when all around us (and inside us) seems to melt into a vacuum is something everyone can relate to. A sunny disposition often masks a tormented secret self. Sometimes it doesn’t. But there’s another reason to check out Gracie’s struggle. To help someone, you need to understand the road they walk.

Thank you EVERYONE for supporting me through life’s trials — an ongoing adventure for everyone with a pulse.

Write on!!