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RoboFly: Coming to a swarm near you!

Privacy is a luxury. At least in today’s world. I write romance. The inspirational kind, spiked with suspense and bad-nasty killers. Innuendo? Love it! The classic giveaways of a blush and banter keep me turning pages. The character who vows he’s telling the truth while looking down and to the left is most often lying.… Continue reading RoboFly: Coming to a swarm near you!


Like your privacy? Too bad!

They’ve done it again, people. Facebook announced their worst hack ever, a troll job that has exposed upward of 50 million users personal data. That’s some faceless, stranger posse – hello – accessing your login and password, and touring your FaceBook page and all the data therein to their heart's content. Friends, family, pets, neighbors,… Continue reading Like your privacy? Too bad!