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SNOW IN LOVE: And it’s not even Fall!

Okay, people. BIG changes going on at my house. Depression? NO. That's SO last season and thank God. Thank you all, too. Very much. Okay. I'm drawing energy from our bathroom remodel, too. BILs totally rock. I'm here with big news. Really big. Life altering for me and about dang time. (Feel free to chime… Continue reading SNOW IN LOVE: And it’s not even Fall!

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Dishing with Di: Bygone Days

So much is missing! History wasn’t my favorite subject in school.  All those dry dates of battles and events.  Bleh!  These days I’m not sure true history is even taught.  During my teens my favorite books to read were those romances set in the south, ala: GONE WITH THE WIND.  Personally, I thought Scarlett a… Continue reading Dishing with Di: Bygone Days

Writer's Tool Box

Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

No do-overs for wasted time! Time is precious. Productive people make the most of it. Those with too much time often waste what they have, regretting it later when time has run out. But whether you're pressed or blessed with abundance, if you like a good inspy, you'll LOVE this new service offered by Christian… Continue reading Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

Holiday Musings

Got books? Give thanks!

What does Thanksgiving mean? Scary Turkey! To the majority in the United States, Thanksgiving translates into jumbo turkeys, sage stuffing, pumpkin pies, loosened belts or afternoon sweat pants, friends, family, wine (some whining) and endless expectations of the perfect holiday. Good food and good family equals an overall good time. Right? But for all the… Continue reading Got books? Give thanks!

Wisdom Reblogged

Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl

Attention writers and readers of Inspy Romance. This just in from Inside Cup. Blogger and devoted Christian, T.R. Noble has some serious charges to level at the Christian Romance genre. Is she right? Wrong? Has the Inspirational market crossed the line into glorified temptation? Or is Noble, despite noble intentions, seeking a scapegoat for fallen… Continue reading Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl