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SNOW IN LOVE: And it’s not even Fall!


Okay, people. BIG changes going on at my house. Depression? NO. That’s SO last season and thank God. Thank you all, too. Very much.

Okay. I’m drawing energy from our bathroom remodel, too. BILs totally rock.

I’m here with big news. Really big. Life altering for me and about dang time. (Feel free to chime in below and tell me all about it. A kick in the skirts from good friends, delivered with LOVE, is better than any prescription. But I digress.)

Prep yourself for SASSY SCRIBES. My tribe–a fabulous collection of honest, emotion-filled, unashamed ladies who know precisely what to do when faced with life’s dramas–have a debut collection.

SNOW IN LOVE. It’s a sweet gathering of DIVERSE holiday romances that reflect us, the woman in all of us and the myriad voices that make us each unique. All in on place. And ALL FOR ONLY .99 CENTS … provided you order now. But, seriously, what is there to loose? (Anxiety? Disinformation? A Grinchy spirit?)

CLICK HERE–you KNOW you want to!

8 DYNAMIC romances

8 FRESH voices

8 REASONS to celebrate the SEASON (Cuddling up with those touching tales–and touchable heroes–that stir our hearts is a needs-must whether snow is flying or sun is baking. Am I right?)

Sweet HEAT at an unbeatable price. Order now at Amazon! Brought to you by Readertainment Press!

More to the point, I’d like to ask your patronage and support for our little tribe. Growing and, God willing, growing STRONG not only for ourselves but all of us. SASSY SCRIBES will bring you SWEET HEAT all-the-way! Want to see somethng? SAY something. We’re listening.

Look for more promos to come. More ENERGY. Collections. And all the tropes you love and more, explored from different points of view. But always with love. Empowerment is for EVERYONE.

Write on and huge HUGS!


p.s. Do drop the pairings you’d like to see in the comments below. Our bathroom remodel has me thinking harried career woman and the oh-so-capable craftsman next door! Helllo!

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Author Recommendation Digging Into History Dishing with Di

Dishing with Di: Bygone Days

So much is missing!

History wasn’t my favorite subject in school.  All those dry dates of battles and events.  Bleh!  These days I’m not sure true history is even taught. 

During my teens my favorite books to read were those romances set in the south, ala: GONE WITH THE WIND.  Personally, I thought Scarlett a nitwit to let Rhett get away, but to this day I never forget General Sherman burned Atlanta, and everything else in his path.  Sure, the people I read about weren’t real, but the history was.  Any writer worth his, or her, salt makes sure the actual events are as accurate as possible, unless otherwise stated.

Still HOT!

Historical romance became my thing and while I was being entertained, I was soaking up all that history.  I may not remember who did what when, but I know enough to be dangerous.  Or, as my precious sister-in-law insists, able to go on Jeopardy!  John Jakes came out with a historical series set in the USA, right from the Revolutionary War, and I gobbled it up.  My love of history grew and I’m drawn to things of the past.  Heck, I myself am considered an antique!

Channel your inner Pilgrim!

Hard to say when I really got into America’s history.  Perhaps, the first time my dad took me to see historical sites around Boston.  Paul Revere’s house, Old Ironsides, or having a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day where the Boston Tea Party took place.  Maybe when my daughter and I walked the Freedom Trail through Boston, toured a replica of the Mayflower, or experienced Plimouth Plantation and saw, first hand, how our early settlers lived.  Or driving into Salem, MA and visiting the Salem Witch Museum and seeing the stones in memory of those accused of witchcraft hanged and the one pressed to death.

It’s hard to believe THIS actually happened.

After that visit I was reading more about the witch trials, trying to understand what would cause neighbor to turn against neighbor.  Which led me to write my, as yet, unpublished novel INNOCENT SINS.  My half-breed heroine, Sophie, is accused of being a witch and jailed.  Later released she takes to the woods and is befriended by a family.  The father is Irish, the mother an Abenaki Indian.  The eldest son, Adam, develops a crush on Sophie, and even though Sophie and the love of her life ride off Downeast, Adam measures all other women against her.

Adam needed a STRONG woman!

Adam needed his own story and I wanted to know how my fictional town of Webster came to be.  Thus my novel NORTH WOODS LOVE.  Adam needed a strong woman, one who could survive life in the woods, one who accepted his mixed blood.

About this same time I read a book regarding the town of Deerfield, MA.  In 1704 most of the citizens were captured by the Mohawk and taken to what is now Montreal, Canada.  Some didn’t survive the journey, some eventually returned to Deerfield, some remained with the Mohawk.  So began my what-ifs.

What if a girl was captured and taken to Canada?  What if her life there was miserable?  What if she escaped and made her way back to her home?  Would she be accepted or shunned?  What kind of life would she want?

NORTH WOODS LOVE was fun to write because of all I learned.  While it’s basically about Adam and Evie, it’s also about a family.  They’ve rooted their lives along the shores of a group of lakes, but are finding they have needs.  To fulfill those needs others need to settle near the family.  Adam and his brothers work on ways to entice settlers to their area, which becomes known as Webster, for the first family.

Rarely do I think of themes, or a message, when I write a story.  In truth, I get an idea and my characters tell me where they’re going, whether I like it or not.  But this book made me think: why does it matter what color our skin?  Why can’t we worship, or not, as we please?  The Pilgrims came to the new land of America for freedom to worship as they wished.  Unfortunately, it soon became clear that freedom meant all Pilgrims had to do and think alike. Is it any wonder teenaged girls in the late 1600’s had hallucinations?  But, I digress.

Why can’t we accept each others’ differences and learn from them?  Why can’t we all just love each other?  Okay, some we love more than others, but you get the idea.

The heart sees only the color of love.

Write on!

Writer's Tool Box

Christian Fiction: Personal Shopper

No do-overs for wasted time!

Time is precious. Productive people make the most of it. Those with too much time often waste what they have, regretting it later when time has run out.

But whether you’re pressed or blessed with abundance, if you like a good inspy, you’ll LOVE this new service offered by Christian Book Heaven.

Monday thru Friday email alerts unite readers with Christion ebook deals. That often translates to lower prices. Although a reasonably priced book is often the best deal already, offering top quality entertainment as is.

I’d like more Forget Me Not Romances, please!

Genres tracked range from Amish, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Biblical Fiction, Children and Middle Grade. They also cover non-Fiction. Visit Christian Book Heaven for details, and sign up if you value your time . . . and money.

Writer’s may discover that hiring a personal shopper to advertise their work pays. Discounting or bundling books is a great way to tempt new readers. But even the most ardent book lover can’t feast on a deal they don’t KNOW is out there.

Time is precious, so let’s make the best use of it.

Write on!

Holiday Musings

Got books? Give thanks!


What does Thanksgiving mean?

To the majority in the United States, Thanksgiving translates into jumbo turkeys, sage stuffing, pumpkin pies, loosened belts or afternoon sweat pants, friends, family, wine (some whining) and endless expectations of the perfect holiday. Good food and good family equals an overall good time.


But for all the anticipation–and preparation–Thanksgiving should be a day we take stock of those gifts we’ve overlooked, taken for granted, or dismissed as not even being a gift but a given. That means, even if your year hasn’t been the best, even if you don’t have a turkey, you should be grateful it wasn’t worse.

You can look at the lemons of previous posts and take them as a boon. Without the dark, we’d never recognize the light. We’d be ignorant of what good means. Understanding the value of friends, family, health, and prosperity would disappear.

And if you can read this post, be THANKFUL. Reading is one given we often overlook.

But how many people can’t read? Have you ever thought about that? I have, not as often as I should, but the thought arises. Reason being, I taught my three children to read, and it was a singular pleasure. The passing of the golden key.

Teaching my children their letters and a love of books is something I treasure. So is my home library that houses tattered favorites along with a wealth of primary source chronicles of Wild West American history, medieval research material, great American novels, jumbo coffee table books of art throughout the ages and maps. Spiritual classics have their own shelf. 

But if you’re thinking I have some grandiose home, think again.

Our house is in the suburbs. It looks the same as any other—despite the romantic notion of singularity. The “library” was/is a gift, a result of dark times. My deep green happy space complete with cozy chairs and collectables is a reminder that struggles end and, while new ones await, it’s the acknowledgement of what matters that sees us through. So the front room that would typically morph into office space and/or storage for the best furniture in the house, houses the words of others.

Their story.

Our story.

 “Reading is an invaluable skill that’s important to just about every aspect of our daily lives, from communications to the way we work to the food we eat,” Credit Donkey reports. But readers don’t need a study to tell them that. And yet we privileged often forget that, “The ability to read and understand text is something that children typically begin to pick up on beginning around age five or six, but for some, reading doesn’t click right away. If kids struggle with reading in their younger years, it increases the odds that they’ll do so as adults.”

I am so thankful to pass on that knowledge, and to enjoy the trials of others who worked dilligently to convey wisdom and wit to the benefit of people they would never know. So if you’re wondering about a Thanksgiving tradition to pick up—or a means to manage those fussy tots and often fussier adults consider this:

Read to your guests. Pass the gravy–squabbles may ensue if you don’t–but please pass on the seasoning of life that lasts a for generations if you let it. Read. Teach others to indulge. To appreciate it. And if my holiday offerings aren’t to your tastes, please, check out my fellow wordies, Ashley, Isabelle, Heather, René, and Lilly who may tickle your taste buds. I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and encourage you to always…

Write on!

Wisdom Reblogged

Deception, Lies, Pressure | Single Christian Girl


Attention writers and readers of Inspy Romance.

This just in from Inside Cup. Blogger and devoted Christian, T.R. Noble has some serious charges to level at the Christian Romance genre.

Is she right? Wrong?

Has the Inspirational market crossed the line into glorified temptation? Or is Noble, despite noble intentions, seeking a scapegoat for fallen human nature?

It’s often not a love of the Lord that sees temptation everywhere.

It’s fear. (And not the filial kind that places abundant trust in a loving Father.)

Write on…


#DVpit, 10 Things I Noticed


Staying on top of trends is critical whether you’re a writer or reader wanting to know what’s going to show up at your book club.

Just sayin’.

Check out what serialized author of The Bachelorette Blogger René Penn has to say and…

Write on.