Dishing with Di

Dishing with Di: Snow Days!

Depending on your age, station in life, and where you live, a snowy day means different things. FUN times--and not a care in the world! As a kid, seeing those fat fluffy flakes falling to earth means snow angels, snow balls, snowmen.  For some it could be a sled, a toboggan, skiing.  Possibly, a day… Continue reading Dishing with Di: Snow Days!

Writing TIPS

Rain, rain go away! What moves you to write?

It’s raining in Northern Virginia—again. This would be welcome news if the summer had been sizzling as summers are supposed to be. I should be cranking about my brown lawn about now.  We don’t have a drip system outside of God’s garden hose and yours truly so a brownish lawn is typically where it's at… Continue reading Rain, rain go away! What moves you to write?