NaNoWriMo: It’s a GO!


Hey Readers…. and, yes, you writers, too.

Who is doing NaNoWriMo? I am! That’s National Novel Writing Month (November) where those people plagued by words take a moment–a month–to jot down as many of the wily buggers as we can. And voila. A story emerges.

That’s the plan.

Are you SCARED yet??

I’m digging into another Romantic Suspense. Something a little different than my inspired romantic suspense series, Diamond Dogs, but not too different. I hope you all will enjoy it.

It’s only been two days, and inspiration has already lit me. Yee ha. That alone makes the mad dash worth it. What has you motivated this month? Fall colors? The promise of Turkey Dinner? Family? Friends? Has the craft monster bit you?

I’m using the rest of my Bernat Velvet Yarn–YUMMY–to make Graham slouchy beanies. A his and hers for my daughter Melanie and her SO. (Significant other :^) The pattern comes courtesy of Ravelry designer Jennifer Adams. Thank YOU very much. But then I’ve only ripped out beanie #1 the first time. We’ll see what happens as the rows go by.

Whatever you’re doing, friend, I’d love to hear it. Caring means sharing. So, spread the love and let us know what’s moving you today. And, please, please, sign up for my newsletter if the spirit moves you.

Click the Kitty and know that you’re helping me out to no end. My goal is to help you by delivering delicious reads that tempt you to indulge in self-care and a little more downtime. If only to find out what happens next.

Hugs and Happiness.

Write on!



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SNOW IN LOVE: And it’s not even Fall!


Okay, people. BIG changes going on at my house. Depression? NO. That’s SO last season and thank God. Thank you all, too. Very much.

Okay. I’m drawing energy from our bathroom remodel, too. BILs totally rock.

I’m here with big news. Really big. Life altering for me and about dang time. (Feel free to chime in below and tell me all about it. A kick in the skirts from good friends, delivered with LOVE, is better than any prescription. But I digress.)

Prep yourself for SASSY SCRIBES. My tribe–a fabulous collection of honest, emotion-filled, unashamed ladies who know precisely what to do when faced with life’s dramas–have a debut collection.

SNOW IN LOVE. It’s a sweet gathering of DIVERSE holiday romances that reflect us, the woman in all of us and the myriad voices that make us each unique. All in on place. And ALL FOR ONLY .99 CENTS … provided you order now. But, seriously, what is there to loose? (Anxiety? Disinformation? A Grinchy spirit?)

CLICK HERE–you KNOW you want to!

8 DYNAMIC romances

8 FRESH voices

8 REASONS to celebrate the SEASON (Cuddling up with those touching tales–and touchable heroes–that stir our hearts is a needs-must whether snow is flying or sun is baking. Am I right?)

Sweet HEAT at an unbeatable price. Order now at Amazon! Brought to you by Readertainment Press!

More to the point, I’d like to ask your patronage and support for our little tribe. Growing and, God willing, growing STRONG not only for ourselves but all of us. SASSY SCRIBES will bring you SWEET HEAT all-the-way! Want to see somethng? SAY something. We’re listening.

Look for more promos to come. More ENERGY. Collections. And all the tropes you love and more, explored from different points of view. But always with love. Empowerment is for EVERYONE.

Write on and huge HUGS!


p.s. Do drop the pairings you’d like to see in the comments below. Our bathroom remodel has me thinking harried career woman and the oh-so-capable craftsman next door! Helllo!

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Author Recommendation Cover Reveals Holiday Musings New Release Writer's Tool Box

Christmas is the time for THANKSGIVING: and SWEET deals too good to miss!



Sorry, guys, but I’m too excited not to jump in!

Don’t let the fair weather fool you — there’s mystery, mayhem, MONEY, and Christmas Snow inside this sweet ROMANTIC deal!
You know you want to take him for a spin!

Check out the #BESTDEAL for #CLEAN #BILLIONAIRE romance to leave the dock. All ashore who’s going ashore, but for those who want to take a ride–GET READY–you’re going to #LOVE this trip!

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Please, don’t dismiss the men in your life who, while not saying so, often appreciate the best in ALPHA heroes, STRONG heroines, FAMILY values, and an engrossing story. ROMANCING THE BILLIONAIRE is a GREAT read for men to get in touch with what women like. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

Who’s to say that fiction can’t be factual when it comes to learning what others find deeply satisfying?

So here’s what you get:

Is this a murder for hire, a revenge killing, or a political assassination? Is the man with no memory a drug dealer, an FBI agent, or a billionaire?
While incognito, her Royal Highness- Princess Lucy Christianson offers assistance to a soot-covered, motorcycle-riding firefighter only to discover she just aided the one man her family wants her to marry.
She must return to her classroom in North Carolina at the end of her sabbatical. He would give her his fortune if she would stay and become his Lady Caroline.
How could she have given their child away? And how could Caro be so blind to a kindred spirit who, like her, is determined to do the right thing? But the right thing means finding the baby’s true mother, something Caro must convince Perry to do, even if it breaks his heart… and hers.
The cozy mystery series set in Saint Joseph, Michigan continues. It’s Halloween and Suzette can’t stop screaming.

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And for all you WRITERS out there, take a look at this lovely setup. It’s a win/win for writers to gather together with one’s family–OUR TRIBE–and work together in a set to bring readers the stories they love. The mystery they crave. And the romance that’s often what it takes to put that secret smile on our faces.

Share the love. Share the #BOOKS. Follow my blog. PLEASE. And always….

Write on!


Black Friday: Are we still thankful?


Hey, All,

Whether you’re out battling for bargains or recouping from yesterday’s feed fest on the couch, Mama’s Empty Nest has some good food for thought. 

Being thankful begins by recognizing what you already have–not what you feel you have to buy! I’m particularly grateful for family, friends, my health, home, the ability to think and write and enjoy God’s gift. And God Himself.

Too often we look to what’s provided instead of at the giver. Although, I have to admit my husbands gift of pressing for a Butter Ball Electric Fryer turned out pretty well. If anyone ever tells you that you MUST try deep-fried turkey, believe them. You. MUST. Try. It!

Tender is the word. Delish. And moist. 

My big find today was the presence of mind to indulge in a Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak. The orange and bergamot infused crystals take you places where you want to stay. Just add more hot water when temps begin to cool. An almond oil facial massage a la Abigail James added to the experience.

And if you’re wondering what could drag me away from such bliss? Try a French style hot cocoa. I’m not the kind to get crafty in the kitchen. Not typically. But younger daughter Gwendolyn isn’t averse and thank the good God.

Awaiting my exit was a delightfully ell prepared libation with whipped cream so thick you could sculpt it like the statue of David. I didn’t. And since I only have a dirty mug left in evidence of this wonder, I’ll spare you the photographic detail. But here’s the recipe for anyone who may be inclined to give it a try. You won’t be sorry you did.

4-cups Milk
1-cup Heavy Cream
5-TBSP Powdered Sugar
2-TBSP Vanilla
8-oz. Chocolate Chips (Dark Chocolate Semi-Sweet)

Heat the milk and cream over low heat. *Do not let it scald/boil. Add vanilla and powdered sugar. Whisk until blended. When mixture begins to steam add chocolate chips. Whisk until completely melted until fully melted and liquid thickens. Serve immediately with whipped cream. 

Write on.

Holiday Musings

Got books? Give thanks!


What does Thanksgiving mean?

To the majority in the United States, Thanksgiving translates into jumbo turkeys, sage stuffing, pumpkin pies, loosened belts or afternoon sweat pants, friends, family, wine (some whining) and endless expectations of the perfect holiday. Good food and good family equals an overall good time.


But for all the anticipation–and preparation–Thanksgiving should be a day we take stock of those gifts we’ve overlooked, taken for granted, or dismissed as not even being a gift but a given. That means, even if your year hasn’t been the best, even if you don’t have a turkey, you should be grateful it wasn’t worse.

You can look at the lemons of previous posts and take them as a boon. Without the dark, we’d never recognize the light. We’d be ignorant of what good means. Understanding the value of friends, family, health, and prosperity would disappear.

And if you can read this post, be THANKFUL. Reading is one given we often overlook.

But how many people can’t read? Have you ever thought about that? I have, not as often as I should, but the thought arises. Reason being, I taught my three children to read, and it was a singular pleasure. The passing of the golden key.

Teaching my children their letters and a love of books is something I treasure. So is my home library that houses tattered favorites along with a wealth of primary source chronicles of Wild West American history, medieval research material, great American novels, jumbo coffee table books of art throughout the ages and maps. Spiritual classics have their own shelf. 

But if you’re thinking I have some grandiose home, think again.

Our house is in the suburbs. It looks the same as any other—despite the romantic notion of singularity. The “library” was/is a gift, a result of dark times. My deep green happy space complete with cozy chairs and collectables is a reminder that struggles end and, while new ones await, it’s the acknowledgement of what matters that sees us through. So the front room that would typically morph into office space and/or storage for the best furniture in the house, houses the words of others.

Their story.

Our story.

 “Reading is an invaluable skill that’s important to just about every aspect of our daily lives, from communications to the way we work to the food we eat,” Credit Donkey reports. But readers don’t need a study to tell them that. And yet we privileged often forget that, “The ability to read and understand text is something that children typically begin to pick up on beginning around age five or six, but for some, reading doesn’t click right away. If kids struggle with reading in their younger years, it increases the odds that they’ll do so as adults.”

I am so thankful to pass on that knowledge, and to enjoy the trials of others who worked dilligently to convey wisdom and wit to the benefit of people they would never know. So if you’re wondering about a Thanksgiving tradition to pick up—or a means to manage those fussy tots and often fussier adults consider this:

Read to your guests. Pass the gravy–squabbles may ensue if you don’t–but please pass on the seasoning of life that lasts a for generations if you let it. Read. Teach others to indulge. To appreciate it. And if my holiday offerings aren’t to your tastes, please, check out my fellow wordies, Ashley, Isabelle, Heather, René, and Lilly who may tickle your taste buds. I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and encourage you to always…

Write on!