Audio STAY-Cation. The best little getaway that takes you where you SHOULD go!

Snoopy is a TOTAL bonus! Okay. This great pic of Neil Diamond--the soulful enchanter who can still capture the masses--is floating around on Facebook. Best thing? I'm now listening to "Sweet Caroline," and feeling darned sweet. Hallelujah. Yes, there are personal issues that could translate into a crown-of-thorns, but thoughts matter. Where do you want… Continue reading Audio STAY-Cation. The best little getaway that takes you where you SHOULD go!

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Digging into History: A Writer’s Guide to the Perfect Hero

Humans LOVE a hero! Times change, but people don’t. Contrary to what some believe, we’re all born with a human nature that binds us together, forcing us to grow and learn. But along the way, academic progress notwithstanding, mankind has always enjoyed a vicarious thrill. Humans love to cheer champions who pull off glorious feats… Continue reading Digging into History: A Writer’s Guide to the Perfect Hero

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Star Trek Discovery – The Second Season

Trekkie fans. I KNOW you're out there. If you follow my blog -- GREAT -- if not, I hope you will. But for all things Star Trek, I'd be a real a real Ferengi if I didn't share my latest find -- SPACE TIME Magazine. (Life doesn't revolve around profit!) Alexa Wayne is ready and… Continue reading Star Trek Discovery – The Second Season

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Beta Readers, CPs and Self-Editing

Walk away, Renée–that Left Banke ’60’s classic–was a memorable song from my growing up. Why? I was almost named Renée–far more exotic than Ann, but there you go. My mom cooked plain food, too.

As fate would have it, though, I’m not able to walk away.

Good thing or else I’d be missing out! So here I am with another insightful Renée–aspiring author Renée Hurteau–whose on point advice for writers is absolutely golden.

Write on!

R.F. Hurteau

I open my file, glance with trepidation at the myriad red marks and comment bubbles throughout, and promptly close it again.  I just can’t.  Not right now.

Instead, I thought this might be a good time to share some of my thoughts on editing for any of my fellow writers that have found their way here.

Editing, a crucial element to any good story, is difficult.  In the beginning, when you first finish writing and hand it off eagerly to third parties for their feedback, it sometimes can seem like a personal affront when their constructive criticism comes back.  However, you shouldn’t take it as one!  Constructive criticism is vital to a story that people can immerse themselves in.  One misspelled word, one convoluted, hard to read sentence, is enough to jar them out of a state of suspended disbelief.  What about that small but glaring plot hole you missed?…

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