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Ash Keller–Fresh, FUNNY, and Wickedly Talented. A Must Read for Romantic Comedy!


Life is ripe with choices, spilled out like a Horn of Plenty. Cornucopias if you’re putting on airs. And why not? Accents and attitudes are fun. Entertaining, absolutely, but often necessary.

Who hasn’t changed their tone for that critical interview? The BE-THERE party or that dreaded public speaking encounter? (Raise a hand for keeping it real!)

But kid-me loved drawing cornucopias at the kitchen table when the leaves began to fall. Why? I could select my favorite things–grapes with fanciful tendrils, bumpy gourds, and yummy artichokes–and stuff them inside. Favorite things, in whatever color I chose, could spill out or hide in the tip.

The more the better.


There’s nothing like a jumbo box of Crayolas and a kid–of any age–eager to decide for herself. To choose her friends. Select her surroundings. And engage fully on the path chosen or change course with unflagging courage!


That leads me to today’s guest. The delightful and ever demonstrative, Ash Keller. Chock full of talent, brimming with personality, wholly accessible, and a consummate professional in terms of career and the care she extends everyone in her circle. She’s almost too dang fun.

Dead serious.

Ash writes romantic comedy from experience, folks, and how sweet it is.

This SASSY SCRIBE is one to watch for antics, information, and FIERCE mother-love. The bear type that roots out injustice, slays snarling or suited beasts, and plucks that thorn from your paw with the gentlest touch. (Okay, I’m thinking bear costume. I know Ash has a weakness for those lovely ones. Wild, YOU BET, and bad to the bone. I dig bears, too!)


The pairing of big dreams with big trouble is familiar territory for Ash. Absolutely read THE CHRISTMAS SECRET, Ash’s hilarious and so-sweet romantic comedy, one of eight diverse voices in SNOW IN LOVE: Sweet Romantic Holiday Collection.

Brought to you by Readertainment.

If you like your heroes broody and your heroines skilled, self-aware, and determined not to let moods or men ruin time spent in FORCED PROXIMITY, get thee to Amazon. NOW! The .99 cent pre-order price is days away from ending.

Do you really want to deprive yourself? I hope not if you follow this blog or happen to stop by. Whatever your catnip–GO FOR IT. Life is short and the chief reason to make this go-round count.

So, forgetting the serious, what’s your favorite time of year, Ash, and why?

Everyone loves fall, right? Sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires! And Halloween is my very favorite holiday. My husband and I always throw a Halloween party (except this year…Covid is a party pooper) and I have tons of fun choosing a theme every October.

CHOOSING!!! Great theme, Ash, anytime of year, but we’re racking it up for #teampumpkinspice! Here’s a how-to from one of my favorites. The Mom Life Balance!

Then again, there’s a reason spring green is my favorite color. There’s nothing better than watching the earth come back to life after a harsh winter. And it’s the best time of year to put my pink kayak in the water. 


But it’s hard to beat summer. Fireflies, camping, lake days…need I say more?

The only season I’m not a fan of is winter. I hate to be cold. But that’s why God gave us electric blankets, hot chocolate, and snuggly cats! (YES, YES, and–hmmm–heck, YES!)


This talented must-read author has another romantic comedy on Amazon that you’ll really like. If close proximity and fake relationships–putting on attitude?–tickle your funny bone, check out Not Happy Campers, included in THE FUNNY THING ABOUT LOVE. A collection of feel-good sweet, romance stories by Enchanted Quill Press. How enchanting!

What’s your favorite animal, Ash? Do you have ONE??? This choosing business is difficult sometimes.


I’m a crazy cat lady. It’s a good thing I’m married or I’d have enough cats to form a kitty baseball team. My husband says no more than two…so we have three.


OMG. Crazy cat lady. Can you feel the fur, peeps? The love? There’s a reason Ash and I gravitated toward one another along with our SASSY SCRIBE sisters!

So, tell us more. I *KNOW* that can’t be all. Animal fans could use some assurance about sharing the cuddles with all God’s creatures. Empower us!


I also LOVE chickens and have a backyard flock. In exchange for eggs, I hand-feed them grapes. They spoil me so I spoil them. It’s only fair.

Oh, yes, bring on the feather babies. Hens are the BEST!! And with you giving them grapes, they will follow you to the ends of the earth. (Mine used to follow my shovel to get earthworms!)

What’s your biggest fantasy?

Paying off my student loans (and my husband’s!), buying an RV, and traveling to every national park. (In search of bears, I hope. Ash will keep us posted on her newsletter. Sign up for laughs and the continued assurance that what makes you smile is the way to go!)


Okay. Final question. Do you feel the pressure??? Think Miss Universe and tell me, would you strive for world peace? Why or why not?

Of course. What kind of monster wouldn’t want world peace?

FULL MARKS, Ash. Direct, impassioned, and too true. That must be why you pursue precisely that in your Horn of Plenty. That is the colorful embrace of life, love, GOOD HUMOR, and those little things that bring true joy. Your example is the best and something I’m determined to promote. Why? There are so many readers, writers, women, and men who will benefit from the go-for-it spirit that surrounds you. ((HUGS)) And thank you.

It’s been a pleasure, Ash, as always. And as I always do, I ask you dear readers to communicate with Ash and myself and all the SASSY SCRIBES. We’re determined to brighten our individual corners and yours, too. So, drop us a line. Help us help you. It really can be a win/win for world peace and a lot of laughs along the way there.

Write ON!






Author Interview Author Recommendation CARE AND FEEDING OF WRITERS

Heather Scarlett: A Smart and Sassy Debut Author Who Does It All. Really!


Jack-of-all-trades equals Master-of-None. That’s the saying. But that saying has featured “Jack” for far too long.

What about Jill, our unsung heroine?

Or in our case, Heather Scarlett?

Professional career woman, ENGAGING wife and dear friend, ON IT MOM, and romance writer. Hello!! (Satisfying role reversals go far beyond fiction.) Doing it all is no easy thing, however. Nobody ever said it would be, but the faint-hearted need not sideline themselves.

Not in Heather’s world. One of the sassiest of the SASSY SCRIBES, Heather advocates going for it on every level. That and being yourself. (If you note, dear readers, a renewed sense of mojo in yours truly, look to Heather and the SASSY SCRIBES. Follow her and you’ll encourage yourself…whatever your dream may be.)

Here’s one of her secrets.

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.

Can you FEEL those pages? The potential? When you write dreams down–plan what you want to achieve–you make dreams real! And how.

Heather’s debut contemporary romance, Joy of the Season, is coming to you inside SNOW IN LOVE: Sweet Romance Holiday Collection–still ONLY .99 cents on pre–order–so don’t miss out. Not on the holiday feels and certainly not on the concrete example of going for it!!! (Remember, SNOW IN LOVE features 8 diverse new voices, a variety of holidays, and the tropes you love! Thank you Readertainment, our breakout publisher.)

Now here comes one of my favorite questions.

Tell us, Heather, Jill-of-All-Trades, are you  a panster or a plotter? And why? (What does method bring to your stories? Can you feel the tension, my peeps???)


As in most things in life, I’m in the middle. I do a fair amount of pre-writing to get to know my characters and major plot points. Then, I dive in to write. I often am surprised right along with my characters when the story takes an unexpected turn. I often don’t know the black moment until I’m well into the first act, then it all starts to come together. (Oh, sweet reason. Mixing it up is often how life sorts us!)


Do you prefer city or country living? Does this impact the settings of your stories? (It certainly does for me.)


I grew up in a large city–Los Angeles–and lived in Montana for six wonderful years and that experience has absolutely influenced my stories. I write small town western as well as urban settings. There are aspects of both settings I love. (Oh, YES, and another reason why Heather speaks to me. Being reared on the West Coast but living in the East–small towns and BIG ONES–adds levels of insight. People are people, but background and context has a definite effect. I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of Heather’s edgier romances, urban settings, and wow. Just wow. Another reason to follow Heather Scarlett…very closely! She aims to PLEASE!)

So, what’s your favorite time of year, Heather, and why?


All of them! Living in New England, I especially love watching the leaves change in the fall. I am a warm weather girl, so summer is my all time favorite season. I love that each season has a different pace and different things to enjoy. (Another shot across the bow for those struggling with the unavoidable. Try to find something good in that which you cannot control. Goes far in translating that smile into a joyful heart.)

Now that Joy of the Season is nearly released, what’s on the horizon for you? Books? Projects? Whatever? You did not buy that planner to leave it blank, Heather, so do tell.


I have a few projects coming up! My next story, Snowed In for a Second Chance, will be available January 8. This story is set in Wildwood Falls, starring a character, Sarah, who readers will meet in Joy of the Season. I have a few more story ideas for 2021 and beyond!

Since this interview, Heather has penned a short, short romantic tale that can be YOURS. Just click the pic with the scrumptious gingerbread!

That’s some momentum, Heather. What writer’s organizations if any have helped you achieve successes in your writing life? Aspiring writers need to know.

I am grateful to have found my fellow writers in Sassy Scribes. We are such a wonderful and supportive group of women who encourage each others’ success. I am so excited for my debut story to be with this group of amazing women!


Now, what does your desk look like and what do you “think” it says about you? (Notice I tend toward the weighty issues? But, hey, understanding context is fundamental…. and can help YOU achieve your goals, too.)

My desk is anywhere and everywhere. I write in the living room, dining room, outside on the deck. Anywhere I can find a quiet space. I am also an avid coffee shop writer. A hot cup of coffee and a sweet snack makes for a happy writing session. (Animal Crossing may be just the thing for the organizationally challenged to find peace!)

What’s your view on character flaws for heroes/heroines, Heather?

Being human means no one is perfect. It’s our imperfections that make us interesting. I like exploring character’s flaws and developing characters whose flaws are naturally in conflict with each other. For me, that makes for an engaging story! (AMEN!)


Is there anything else you’d like readers to know, Heather? Only serious insights, please. )

I’m Team Pumpkin Spice in the Fall!!

Awesome. You know what that tells me? Heather is all about the specifics of what make us happy. Those simple pleasures that put a smile on your face and fuel you through your day. Whatever is on the agenda. Viva TEAM PUMPKIN SPICE, and long live self-empowerment.

Thank you for sharing with us, Heather. Yourself, your wisdom, and your precious time. Thank you, too, my faithful followers and those of you recently stopped by. It’s a pleasure…always.

We’ll get there–TOGETHER! Connecting is the way ahead.

So, please, DO follow Heather and myself. (Can’t end a blog without a shameless plug. LoL. But that’s me keeping it real. I wish you all the same in every avenue that lies ahead. Hugs and happiness in every step.)










Author Recommendation CARE AND FEEDING OF WRITERS Cover Reveals Writer's Tool Box

All He Wants for Christmas: Cover reveal and pre-order deets!


All right. Me again.

Time for a cover reveal. Yes, I’ve chatted about SNOW IN LOVE, the sweet collection of holiday stories brought to you by #Readertainment available for pre-order on Amazon. (The woman to the left is how I envision myself. Darker hair, a far better red lip, but the caffeine is spot on! Glasses, too.)

But, now, here’s the tease for my story. Drum roll and wham:


A Greek god meets his match in his soon-to-be-ex unless a holiday hiccup that strands them both on a deserted Fijian Island provides them the chance to do more than talk!

What’s a love-starved mortal, hot for her husband but not the family demands better suited to Mt. Olympus, supposed to do?

Pre-order now for .99 cents!

SNOW IN LOVE: A sweet collection of holiday romances (8 diverse voices, 8 reasons for the season, and 8 ways to sweet release from whatever stresses you out!!)


.99 CENTS on #amazon

(Did I say .99 cents enough times?)


So now, my question to you, is are you TEMPTED? Teased? Encouraged to click? Crafting ads is such a different beastie than writing stories. Try it and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

That said, please, if you’re a reader, I want to hear from you. What did I miss? What did I hit? And how HARD? (Inquiring minds do nothing but ask endless questions. Sorry. Kinda.) The idea here is to please YOU. So consider that open season on letting it all out. Claws, too.

Writers, props all around, please throw a fellow a bone. Preferably with a lot of juicy meat on it because I tend to be low on iron. What a wonderful flaw considering red meat is my favorite. But hey, we can’t be perfect. Took me long enough to give up that crazy train. (Props to Ozzie Osbourne!)

Thanks for being here every last one of you. You’re needed and APPRECIATED, whether you leave a comment or not. Silent types are often the very best of friends. ((HUGS)) I look forward to hearing from you!

Write on!!

Cover Reveals New Release

Worst Mistake or Best Thing Since Adam woke up to Eve??


You tell me, dear readers.

I’ve received the proper blessing of one and all in this attempt to remain sane — not quite penning psalms but that’s okay!

I’ve been hunkered all summer penning Christmas romance. FUN much?? YESSSSSSSS! Covid has brought about a shift in yours truly. And getting my humor on has taken the forefront.

About time!

I hope you’ll enjoy the laughs and the ticklish situations that have provided me with the escape needed to exercise ‘true charity’ at home. Where it counts the most.

So here we go:

Career climber, Victoria “Tori” Barkley lied about being married to keep promotions coming and offers best refused off the table. A girl’s gotta eat and eat well. But when her mistletoe mistake—a Finnish meat bus with a full beard and hair to spare—presented himself as Santa Claus with a tempting sprig, instinct said, “YES!” And with all the passion she’d pent up far too long.

Sorry, Santa. We’re trending a wee bit younger for this part. But you’ve got the twinkle in your eyes down cold!

Must be why she got pregnant!

But when Edvin Arn Auliksen, shunning career crazies and gobs of cash inherited by a family whose lifestyle he hates, discovers he’s a father, the high-mountain hermit swaps snowy peaks for New York City. Victoria won’t get away with her lies. Or her attempt to have a fake “husband” show up at a corporate Christmas party where he’ll be paid to make a scene and quietly agree to a divorce. Edvin will play that part but with a different end in mind.

The question now is if Victoria will recognize her baby’s father. Tall as ever. Clean shaven. Mountaineer skills and rippling muscles wrapped in Armani instead of red velvet. The meat bus is on a roll. And he’s not stopping until he secures a very Merry Christmas. For his baby girl and Victoria, the only woman he ever thought of marrying. If she’ll let him.

Available now on #AMAZON


#reunionromance #secretbaby #Christmas #forcedproximity #fakerelationship #contemporaryromance #steamycleanromance #sweetromance #romanticcomedy #secondchanceromance

Write on, my people. Read on. And please, follow my blog and let me know your thoughts. I really *DO* need your encouragement!

Writer's Tool Box

Dreaming of a publishing contract? Here’s your chance!


Hear, ye. Hear, ye. If you’re looking to publish your latest novel, read on. And feel free to spread the word. This summer is shaping up to be the best one ever.


Winged Publications presents its first annual contest–Taking Flight!! (Indie published okay to submit)
Any genre! Only clean or inspirational, please.
If fewer than five submitted in a category, your book will be placed in the next, closest genre.

Entry fee $45 for Taking Flight Writing Contest 2019

  • First prize winner receives a book contract
  • Second prize winner receives a critique of synopsis and first three chapters
  • Third prize is a critique of a synopsis
    *Book contract entails the publication of winning title under the standard contracts held by Winged Publications. Grand prize winner will be provided with details upon announcement.

Submissions will be received from June 1, 2019 until July 31, 2019. Finalists announced the end of August and winners announced mid-September. Judges will be multi-published authors.

Send your synopsis and first three chapters to putting Taking Flight Contest 2019 in the subject line. You will then be emailed the link to pay the submission fee. Your entry will not be valid until fee is paid. Indie published authors welcome to submit.

There will be a winner for every category of more than five entries.

Write on!


Care and Feeding of Roses: Not Your Everyday Garden Guide

David Austin Lady of Shalott rose. I love, love, love it!

Do you want to bloom? Reach your peak? Do you want passersby to stop and admire those showy blooms and drink in that intoxicating fragrance? It all begins with proper care and feeding.

That’s right. Authors are like rose bushes, roots dug deep into the ground, a channel of endless potential that can go either way. Beautifully bloomed or bug ridden and burned out.

It’s taken me a long while to adopt this love of rose growing and quoting aphorisms like my mother. But while times change, people don’t. You are what you eat. You do get what you put in.

So authors, please, while our focus may be on that showy novel that delivers everything a reader could want while challenging the market to adopt our unique color, keep the basics in mind.

Try sleeping like a baby — take naps when you need them!
  • Get sleep: Roses don’t produce blooms 24/7. To everything there is a season. Exhausted people can’t write, not their best material. Cranky people DO notice flaws, even those that aren’t there. (The hamster wheel from hell.) So set a schedule to give your mind (your muse) the rest needed to meet demand.
  • Eat: Rose growers fertilize their plants for peak production. A projected 151 BILLION USD will be spent on soil enrichment in 2020. That figure includes far more than rose fertilizer, but you get the idea? If you want results, feed the team. That’s YOU. And I’m not talking caffeine and Cocoa Puffs.
The SUN is our friend!
  • Get plenty of sunshine: Roses need light and heat to produce blooms. Human beings need sunshine to produce Vitamin D. Depression, bone loss and back pain, muscle pain and fatigue are some of the lovelies that may visit those who disregard this basic need.
  • Drink water: Roses need water and so do humans. And while caffeine is my go to for energy, the side effects of premature wilting are all too real. Counter that caffeine with untainted H20. You’ll be glad you did. And you’ll look better, too.
I missed spraying this poor bud and LOOK what happened!!
  • Spray for BUGS: Beautiful roses often attract unwanted visitors, diners that will make a meal of your beautiful bushes. So if you find yourself visited by gnats of doubt, indecision, excessive criticism, please, don’t wait to pull out the big guns. Waiting to attack these issues is like letting a nest of aphids go unchallenged. Yes, the aphids need to eat, but if you let them get a taste for your roses, they’ll never leave. And you’ll be left with a blossoming cautionary tale. So when doldrums strike, recognize, resist, and redirect.
  • PRUNE: Roses are lovely, but wild branches that snag you on the sidewalk aren’t so much. Runway projects that take a writer away from what’s important are a nuisance, too. So reassess on a regular basis. Target extraneous clutter. Look seriously at those items sucking time and energy and ask yourself if they’re worth keeping. If not, cut them out. You’ll grow stronger!
Not my garden — yet! But maybe someday.
  • ENJOY yourself. Roses and other flowers can’t talk. But if they did, I can’t help but think they’d glory in the beauty of existing, especially among their fellows. Talk about flower POWER. So find your tribe and have fun. It’s good medicine.

Write on!

Writer's Tool Box Writing TIPS

Do I sketch out the plot of my novel before starting it or do I allow my characters to lead the way?


NO fooling. There are different ways to approach a story, but each carries its own consequences.

Check in with Florence Witkop, author of The Man from Yesterday, for some writerly wisdom that could save YOU some serious time. And, please, follow me if you’d like to continue this journey of learning, laughing, and generally having a BLAST. I know I am.

Write on!

Author Interview

June Foster: The Long Way Home


It’s a long road to a published book. Let’s just say it. The journey from first spark, crafting characters, making settings come alive, to destination HEA –it all takes time.

And more than a touch of Providence.

But knowing where to start is helpful. Knowing what to cut out is even better. So before I get edited into oblivion, here’s June Foster, multi-published powerhouse of inspirational romance and romantic suspense, with a first-hand view on engaging readers–page one!

How the Hero and Heroine in The Long Way Home Met!

Don’t miss the adventure!

I love to begin my novels in the big middle of the action. So in The Long Way Home, the story starts at the JFK airport. David Maguire is just setting foot on US soil after a tour of duty in Germany with the army. He’s so glad to be back home, he feels like kissing the sidewalk outside where he’s waiting for his Uber to show up. He texts his mother in Oak Mountain that he’ll see her tomorrow when he flies to Alabama. For those of you who read A Harvest of Blessing, his mother is Nadia MaGuire.

Blessed terra firma means a great deal depending on your perspective.

As a side note, the idea of kissing the sidewalk came to me because that’s exactly how I felt when I returned from visiting my daughter, who at the time was a missionary in Lima, Peru.

When David gets into the Uber, a good looking woman is fiddling with her cell phone, but when he tries to talk to her, he can’t control his pesky southern accent. A big city woman like her would no doubt ignore him.

Yes, it’s a sparkler, but you’re still single, Jada. And Providence has other plans for you!

Jada Atwood can’t wait to get to her medical conference in Queens. She loves her profession as a registered nurse midwife. Though the guy sharing the Uber with her is muscular and downright nice looking, she’s engaged to another guy so she tries not to stare at David.

Jada and David would probably have never fallen in love if it hadn’t been for two bank robbers who commandeer the Uber. Yes, God can use even bad guys for good.

The perfect view from inside a warm house, but terrifying when you have no idea which way to run and someone wants you dead.

Much later that night, David and Jada have no idea where they are, lost in the blackness of the night in a Pennsylvania forest. It’s then that Jada admires how David prays to God for help and how she longs for his faith to replace the emptiness inside her. And it’s in the forest David begins a compelling urge to protect Jada and keep her safe. And it’s in the forest they begin an adventure they never expected to have.

The excitement is only a click away ===>


June Foster – delivering romance, suspense, and the message of God’s goodness!

June Foster is an award-winning author who began her writing career in an RV roaming around the USA with her husband, Joe. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next contemporary romance or romantic suspense. June’s characters find themselves in precarious circumstances where only God can offer redemption and ultimately freedom. Find June at

Find all Forget Me Not Romances authors at Forget Me Not Romances Readers and Authors on Facebook. We’d love you to join the book club and let us know what you’d like to read. We aim to please. Book Club promotions are all .99 cents for a limited time. Don’t miss out.

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Holiday Musings Writer's Tool Box

First They Came for My Mattress: Out with the old!


The Grinch is at it again, not skulking back to his hidey-hole on Mt. Crumpet as is proper come New Years.  The furred menace is targeting my desk this time. My trusty chair, too. But, if I’m honest, the set isn’t mine.

Oh, the glory of goldenrod and olive green

The spindly number—where I often opt not to write—belongs to my husband. Desk and chair originally decorated his childhood room. The prisoner of war hut with the beginnings of a tunnel dug under the floorboards ala Hogan’s Heroes. (I’m not kidding.)

Check out the vintage upholstery. That’s vintage re-upholstery. (My MIL tried to get me to redo the chair like she did way back when. No comment about my husband’s fantasies about childhood escape ;^) Makes your back ache just looking at it, right?

Been there done that enough for one lifetime!

That’s the problem. Random spasms and sciatic nerve zingers aren’t my idea of a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’ve visited there before. And while I’m not hobbling yet, the too familiar quakes making me wince have got to go. Health issues aside, the writing life is serious business. The craftsmen needs his tools. Her tools! And while I didn’t begin this blog with a resolution in mind, I’m making one.

Out with the old. Toss old habits, old tools, and old whatever if it no longer works and/or causes you grief. (I’m not dumping myself but the clinging vine bit isn’t working. At least not with worn out furnishings.) Donating castoffs is a great way to overcome. Says the woman with separation anxiety. But, hey, someone in need of a child’s desk may squee over that which makes my back sob. (Second hand stores are the bomb!)

Boo has zero issue with new things. See it. Sniff it. Claim it.

And Boo is sure to appreciate the extra space. She’s been cramped lately what with me wanting to sit at the desk and open my laptop. She made sure to stop by and see what I was writing about.

So it’s no Grinch who wants to remove this beloved hazard and make way for a new desk set. But you knew that already.

Write on!

Wisdom Reblogged

11 Things to Do With a DNF Writing Project


NaNoWriMo is over and done. 2018 is nearing its last hoorah. The time for setting 2019 goals is almost here. We writer’s NEED them.

But, if you’re panicking about last year’s lovelies, those unfinished darlings more commonly called WIPs, don’t. The dreaded DID NOT FINISH doesn’t need to get you down.

Check in with the always witty, René Penn, author of the Bachelorette Blogger serial for some perspective. Her light side approach to the dreaded DNF is sure to make you chuckle and help you . . .

Write on!